NDT Services

Trident NDT offers the following NDT Services:

NDT Inspection Services

Under our NDT inspection services umbrella, we perform the following NDT Methods:

  • Visual Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing

There are 2 main options under inspection services: We can perform the inspection(s) at our facility, or we can perform the inspection(s) at your facility upon request. Note: If you are looking for other methods (infrared, radiography, etc.) you can still contact us. We have been doing this for a long time and work closely with the NDT community.

Training, Testing, and Certification

We can provide formal classroom training for your Inspectors with a testing and certification phase at the end. This is useful if you operate an NDT department in your facility but do not have an in house or ASNT certified Level 3 who is qualified to perform certifications in the NDT methods you perform.

Manuals, Forms, and Procedures

Trident NDT Services can provide an NDT Manual that would explain how your company would operate your NDT department. We offer flexibility towards integrating the NDT Manual with your repair station operations. We can also work with your technical writer to ensure cohesion between manual structure. While it is certainly possible to integrate the NDT Operations in your RSM, QCM, and Training Program Manuals, it is advised to keep the NDT Manual separate and simply refer to it. This will simplify the company structure, due to the depth of training and operating requirements required for NDT departments. All in all, the NDT Manual will be a living document that must flow together with your other repair station manuals. We will help ensure that all regulatory requirements will be met for your NDT operations. For existing manuals, we offer reviews, recommendations, and revisions due to changing regulatory environments.

We also create forms and procedures that are needed for NDT operations. Examples of forms are: daily or prior use logs, general inspection procedures, specific technique sheets for your NDT operations, etc.

Level 3 Consultation

Our Level 3 Consultation services are only a call away. If you need answering for technical NDT questions, defect verification, information for inspection capabilities of a certain method, information for training specifications for NDT Inspectors, etc. you can give us a call and speak with a Level 3 directly for help. If you are expecting an audit and would like your Level 3 representative present, we can provide that as well.

NDT Department Management

This NDT Service option is best when an NDT department is first integrated in a facility. This service also applies when contracted management of NDT department operations is desired. This combines internal audit preparatory, required equipment list, NDT Manual and forms creation, training testing and certification, and Level 3 Consultation. Costs are subject to your facilities scope of NDT operations, such as number of inspectors, number of methods, and complexity. You may pick and choose a combination of services that are tailored to fit your needs. However, we do advise at least consultation services prior to creating your department. This will give you a understanding of what you would need to perform. This initial consultation will be at no cost to you.


Trident NDT offers pickup and delivery upon request. We want to give you the ability to move your parts fast. Our turn around time is your turn around time.

November Delta Tango Team

Trident NDT offers a Tango Team for operations requested beyond Local, State, Domestic, or International. Our Tango Team has the experience of taking care of your needs for AOG or Express service.

Bottom Line

In summary, we are here to help you fulfill your NDT needs. We offer flexibility in everything we do. Give us a call today so we can discuss what you need specifically and help you achieve your goals. Visit our Contact Us page to send us an email or view our location.